Music: all the strings of Mathias Lévy

Covid-19 obliges, Mathias Lévy can no longer play tennis, nor practice boxing, nor continue his tour: “I run, I do weight training, but what is missing are partners, play, life ...»Mathias Lévy, 38, violinist, does not refuse anything.Violin and piano since the age of 4, guitarist around ten, quickly launching a rock group, curious about mixing and meetings of all kinds, gypsy, hip- hop, song - the suburbs are an excellent training ground ...Son of a mother actress who died too soon ("she is the one who gave me the virus of music and the performing arts") and a father researcher, Mathias Lévy does not force on the school.

The music calls for it, and the desire to play together, which launches you a long-distance self-taught highway, singularly educated, with a plethora of roller coaster-style interchanges: Raincy conservatory, all prizes obtained at 17, IACP (Institut Art Culture Perception) under the leadership of Lionel Belmondo, and much later, at 25, the Didier Lockwood Music Center: “I had already played a lot and taken a lot of sideways, but it's Didier who gave me the key to unlock me.»Do not be a slave to an instrument or a style: progressive rock, classical, hip-hop, musette, song, everything suits him.Jazz will make the connection.

“Along with my academic training, with friends from the neighborhood, we liked to sing in the streets.It made us travel.We went from town to town, earning enough money for beers and a snack."Bohemia, laughter, a gracious life ..." The group went from 3 to 7 members, great learning of autonomy, and it led to Caravan Quartet with Samuel Strouk.Jazz, for me, is who plays and who plays together? "

Posted Date: 2020-11-13

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